Locally Owned

Since 2006

My Story

Capp's Restaurant is owned by Wendy Meyerson 

I live in O'Fallon with my husband, son, daughter and two step daughters. I started my career in customer service at Citibank, then was a stay at home mom for 8 years.  I started Cappuccino's as a local coffeehouse because of my passion for good coffee. As we all know,  the economic downturn hit everyone hard, so I had to rethink my business in order to survive.  When I asked my customers what they wanted me to offer, everyone raved about the coffee and the food, but they wanted more variety; especially for weekend breakfasts. So, I expanded my menu, squeezed more equipment into our kitchen, added a waitstaff, and now Capp's is a full service restaurant! I had some breakfast items in place, but soon added our top seller: The Large Breakfast Burrito. I initially added deli sandwiches made with premium breads and meats, then added large portioned salads, burgers and fries, and we just recently added a home-style dinner menu!  So whether you want a good sit down home-style meal, a great breakfast, or a cup of the best coffee in town,  Capp's can satisfy your appetite.

The Team

We have a wonderful staff at Capps. Always cheerful and ready to serve you.